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Thursday, 11 August 2011

Chicago Police Department - "Closely Monitoring" - "USA COMMONWEALTH USA" - Trans-National Organized Crime Tax Evasion Fraud Files - Carroll Maryland Trust - FBI Chicago Economic National Security Case

Garry McCarthy was officially sworn in today as Superintendent of the Chicago Police Department in uniform. McCarthy made it a point of going through all the right steps to be qualified as an officer in Illinois. “It's important to lead this agency in uniform,” McCarthy said, “because that's what they want.”McCarthy called this job the highlight of his career.

Superintendent McCarthy has served for 30 years as a police officer most recently as the Chief of Police in Newark New Jersey and before that in New York City. He promised to lead with loyalty hard work and a commitment to excellence reaching out to the rank and file trying to smooth over the rough relationship they had with his predecessor. “Over the last few weeks I’ve listened to countless officers who have asked me will you have our backs?” McCarthy said. “I will have your backs and i promise you that I’m going to lead from the front and therefore I expect you will have my back also.” McCarthy showed a sensitive side during his speech when he choked up talking about his parents, whom he called the greatest inspiration of his life.

The sensational further disclosures which have been revealed in American and British media reports on the combined Carroll Maryland Trust and Carroll Foundation Trust cases are understood to have galvanized well seasoned Washington political observers who have recently remarked that this case is now regarded in Washington as an important show of strength to the nation at a critical point in the Obama administration's term in office.

The US Senate oversight committees responsible for the nations security and financial well being are understood to be closely monitoring these unfolding events following recent announcements by close aides to President Obama concerning the new pivotal offshore tax evasion and banking legislation which is thought in Washington to be a critical further lever of strategic control for the Department of Justice and the FBI in the concrete fight back against white collar organized crime tax fraud and terror funding connected activities which have seriously undermined the much sought after economic recovery for America’s main street who have suffered greatly at the hands of the financial sector.

Hard on the heels of these amazing insights are leaked disclosures by the FBI headquarters who have revealed that new explosive case files have been obtained by the elite law enforcement officers charged with this case of international importance. It is thought that the dossiers contain a startling litany of fraudulent HSBC Barclays International offshore bank accounts “incorporated” in the tax havens of the British Virgin Islands Gibraltar and Nassau Bahamas linked to forged and falsified Delaware “registered” Carroll Trust Corporations which effectively impulsed this massive billion dollar money laundering tax fraud syndicate operation that stretches the globe over a staggering sixteen years.

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